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Vagabund, Beancurd Turtle & Captain Jack Turtle

We met the american brewer Daniel and his wife HsiHou a few years ago when we were enjoying our lives back in Valencia. He was there to do a few collaboration brews. We stayed in touch after that and he always help us out with any question we might have. Specially, this guy knows how to bring special ingredients in beer and he’s been a great inspiration for us. When we told him that we started producing our own beer he suggested to make a receipt collaboration; Sharing the same recipe we would brew the beer here in Berlin and he would brew it Beancurdturtle. We wanted to brew a dark big beer with a lot of special ingredients, inspired by Mexican Cake, Captain Jack Turtle was born.  We needed a non-traditional brewery that was interested in brewing something this non-traditional. Vagabund BrewTAG was to be the perfect place for this collaboration. Together with Eric we tuned the recipe in order to fit the brewery and the malts and hops available. The beer was a huge success with many fans that can’t wait for us to brew it again.

And don’t forget, always rock n roll!

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