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Schoppe Bräu, Lenny & Dark Wheatness

After five collab brews outside Berlin it was time to get some fella brewers from the city together and brew a good Berlin collaboration beer. We first met Christian Lennartz, more known as Lenny, Herr Lenny, Brauer Lenny or Beard Lenny, at Bierlieb helping us out with a homebrew purchase in 2014. He’s now a gypsy brewer like us and a good friend. Naturally our first Berlin collab had to be with him. We need a third partner for this beer and a nice brewery, so we talked with Herr Thorsten Schoppe at Braukunst Live and he was more than happy to be on board. A few weeks after, we all met up a morning at Pfefferbräu - Restaurant und Bergbrauerei Berlin to start brewing yet another black beer collaboration - This time a black, wheat, hoppy ale named Dark Wheatness. With a lot of black malts and wheat as well as hops it turn out to be something between a roasty Black IPA and a hoppy Stout. Another collab was brewed!

And don’t forget, always rock n roll!

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