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P⁴ - Special B.. or W?

We're doubling down on Porters

This is Pirate Project Prototype Project Batch #6

For our P4 #6 we had a very special visit from Matt Sweetwood A documentary filmmaker from Sweetwood Films who is about to finish his second beer film project mostly shot here in Berlin. Please check out his first documentary Beerland. If you're into beers in Germany a must see: 

So what’s new in P4? Special Malts. 
Special Malts (normally caramelized malts) are used to enhance the body of the beer and enhance aroma and flavors such as fruity, nutty, malty and caramel. Special B malts are dark caramelized, associated with Belgian darker ales. It’s a rather highly roasted crystal malt that weighs in at about 300 EBC. This place it nicely between the Brown Malt (100 EBC) and the Dark Chocolate Malt (900 EBC). The malt adds mouthfeel as well as a rich malt accent. Very intense, complex flavors such as bread crust and raisins.

We will use the Special W from Weyermann which is their Belgian Special B malts. Why W instead of B? Probably only Weyermann that wants to be unique and different. Typical usage between 2-10%, however, Weyermann suggests up to 15% can be used. We will stick with about 5% for our P4 #6.

Our recipe as always on Brewer's Friend: 

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