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P⁴ - Straight Up Black Porter

We're doubling down on Porters!

This is Pirate Porter Prototype Project Batch #2

Our first prototype batch was a straight up brown porter including chocolate malts (5% Carafa II), caramelized malts (10% Cara Munich II) and a Pale Ale base-malts (85% Pale Ale) and fermented on US05 yeast. We only use bittering hops (Columbus) here with a calculated 33 IBUs.

For our second porter, we substituted ONLY the chocolate malt Carafa II with Carafa III Special while keeping everything else identical. The Carafa Special series from Weyermann Specialty Malts is dehusked and is supposed provide the black color and roasty aroma with minimum bitterness/stringency. In other words, all the goodness for a light dark beer while keeping it drinkable. This might also be accomplished (to some extent) by steeping the dark malts instead of using them for the entire mash, however, that's for another brew. The second brew had the same original and final gravity (15P/2.5P) as brew #1. Good job Speidels Braumeister! It's bottled and first tastings are soon to be made.


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