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P⁴ - Straight Up Brown Porter

We're doubling down on Porters!

This is Pirate Porter Prototype Project Batch #1

Porter was the first beer style that we produced. Even though the market of Porters is not as big and hip as IPAs, we love the style and we would like to transmit this passion to other beer lovers. After one-year brewing porters, being very happy with the results and people's reactions towards our dark beers, we want to know more and we want to improve further. Therefore, a few weeks ago we initiated our P4 beer development program. During the year 2017, our goal is to continue improving brewing porters and also to get to know better the history of this specific beer style, including field trips to London, interviews, tastings...

We want to share this with you through a series of posts and also very soon through our web page. During the course of the year we will brew the firsts 20 different prototype batches in order to understand in deep detail how different ingredients work together and how to use them to produce a perfectly balanced dark porter; How different malts balance different types of hops; How to better use any special ingredients; How to work with different yeasts and how these small organisms can best bring out the different flavour compounds. Our first prototype batch is a straight up brown porter. The first recipe includes chocolate malts (5% Carafa II), caramelized malts (10% Cara Munich II) and, surprise...a base-malts (85% Pale Ale) and US05 yeast. We only use bittering hops (Columbus) here with a calculated 33 IBUs. The idea is to increase the complexity step by step, in order to isolate specific characteristics.

Feel free to give any feedback, contributions, suggestions or questions either here, on Facebook or at piratebrewberlin@gmail.com

This first recipe can be found at Brewer's Friend:

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