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P⁴ - Chocolate Malts

We're doubling down on Porters!

This is Pirate Porter Prototype Project Batch #3

 Pirate Porter Prototype Project - Barch #3

Pirate Porter Prototype Project - Barch #3

It’s been awhile since our last P4 Post, but we haven’t stopped brewing our prototype porters. Our third batch was also focused on Chocolate Malts, this time a bit lighter and from a different producer. While Weyermann might be the most famous malt house in Germany, but there are much more. BEST Malz also offers a wide variety of malts to choose from and is quite easy to get hold of, also in smaller quantities for small breweries and homebrewers. For our third batch, we used their chocolate malt with an EBC of 800-1000. It’s very similar to Carafa I from Weyermann, which is in the same range of color.

To summarize, our first three P4’s are brewed identically with 3 different roasted malts; BEST Chocolate (900 EBC), Carafa II (1150 EBC), Carafa III Special (1400 EBC). It’s gonna be interesting to see what exactly is the difference between these malts besides the color. Do we really get more chocolate notes from lighter roasted and more coffee from the darker? The beer is bottled and the first side-by-side tasting is booked. Are you also interested? Send us a message and we’ll invite you to come over and try them out.


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