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P⁴ - Brown Malts

We're doubling down on Porters!

This is Pirate Porter Prototype Project Batch#4

After reading some books about Porters (links at the end of post) it’s clear that the original porters from London were brewed with brown malts with up to 100% of the malt bill. This was also called blown malts due to the tendency of the grain to “explode” during the malting process. The decline of Brown Malts started when a process to create black malts were invented and patented in 1817.

So what is brown malts; No German malter sells “brown malts” so we have to go to the UK to find these malts, at least with this naming. Simpsons brown malts have about 500 EBC while Warminster’s is 110 EBC. So which is the true brown malt? Most likely it was more toward 100 EBC, but if it tastes the same... guess nobody really knows. The only thing we know for sure is that it surely wasn’t blown.

We got our hands on some Warminster Brown Malts and brewed the P4 #4. In order to really get the feeling what the malt is about, we used it for 50% of the malt bill. The recipe can be found at our brewersfriend page:

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Some good porter reads:
Classic Beer Style Series - Porter, by Terry Foster
Old British Beers and How To Make Them, by Dr. John Harrison

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