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P⁴ - Brown-Black Porter

We're doubling down on Porters!

This is Pirate Porter Prototype Project Batch #5

The French, specifically this guy called Napoleon, changed the way we brew porters up till today. When the porter first was brewed in the beginning of the 18th century, brown malt was the main ingredient. Later that century, the Napoleonic Wars happened, and indirectly put a tremendous strain on the British brewers; Increased taxes on the one hand, and on the other hand, the British drinkers uncompromising position to not accept a weaker beer nor pay a penny more for it. These situations normally push innovation. And so it happened, in 1802, Matthew Wood, filed patent number 4112 “A New or Improved Method of Drying and Preparation of Malt.”. This is what later to be called Black Patent Malt (or Brown Patent Malt in Ireland) and the method is used still today to produce any type of roasted malts.

So what’s the lesson here? I guess “don’t compromise” is a good one.. or “Nobody fucks with Napoleon”.

A very nice read on the topic can be found here:

Our 5th Porter in the P4 series is a Porter with 10% Brown Malt and 4% Carafa II. The idea is to try to capture the nutty aroma and flavor from the Brown Malts but make the beer smoother and lighter to drink.

The recipe can be found at our Brewer's Friend page:

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