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Open Your Mind & Pervers

Open Your Mind was initiated by two brewing apprentices, Jose and Andy, outside Munich, wanting to brew other things than standard Bavarian beers. Last year they were both brewing at Stadlbräu, a brewery owned by a good friend of ours, Robert. In the beginning of 2016 we headed down to München for BKL2016 and a visit and a brew at the brewery was a done deal. Continuing to brew dark beers, together we set on a light and black wheat beer with coffee beans, orange peel and ???. This to a bavarian was “Pervers”! Even so, the beer turned out to be really nice and easy drinking.. and our friendship turned out to be even better. We are always happy to run into these guys at festivals; Jose now works at Buddleship and Andy is at Forschunsbrauerei Weihenstephan.

And don’t forget, always rock n roll!

Brewing it Black since 2015.