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H2ÖL & Vänilla Rye

In early 2016 at a brief visit to Valencia, Spain, we heard about a new craft beer bar that had opened in the city, Olhöps. We spend every night there and learn to know two of the young guys running the place (Pablö and Mauro) as well as some of the regulars (Eliot). Later that same year Pablö contacted us and told us they are starting a beer side project, H2ÖL and of course we had to make a beer together. In November Pablö and Koen came over to Berlin for the collab brew at Brewbaker, a smokey, rye, vanilla stout. Since then the beer has been send to Valencia and what was left has been sold to Dolden Mädel (the keg should still be on) and some bottles at Biererei and Braukontor.

Brewing it Black since 2015.