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Gamma Brewing Co. & Schwarzwald

We met, Coyand Anders, in Berlin the summer of 2015 at an event held by ToÖl and NN. After a few beers and talking about our mutual love for craft & beer, we made a deal with Coy to go and visit Gamma Brewing Co. in Denmark (in the middle of nowhere) a few months later, and to brew another black collaboration beer with these guys. It was time for a Black IPA. Once again we wanted to use german hops, but this time a shit load, and create a german Black IPA. With Mandarina Bavaria, Hellertau Blanc, Hüll Melon, Hellertau Mittelfrüh, our third (black) collab was made -  “Schwarzwald”. Why Schwarzwald, well maybe because… maybe just because, why not Schwarzwald. And don’t forget, always rock n roll!


Brewing it Black since 2015.