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Freigeist, Yankee & Kraut & Room 101

After various international collaborations and a bunch of Berlin ones, it was time to do a big german collaboration beer. Sebastian from Freigeist is not only a german brewer highly respected and admired by the pirates, he is also a good friend and a fucking bastard. When we ended up neighbours at the Regensburg Beer Festival we prioritised singing songs over selling beer. Even so we sold out and Sebastian had to borrow us some of his Kaka du Porter. Further down the aile at the festival was the stand of two young fellas, that looked more like Laurel and Hardy than brewers. However brew beer they can. A few months later the 5 of us ended up in hotel room in the middle of nowhere, in a Room 101. Nobody was aware of the Orwell reference at the time, however it turn out to be a hell of a room and a great start for a great collab beer. The next day we headed over to Vormann brauerei to brew a Sebastian trade-marked non-RHG beer with 5 special ingredience: pepper mint, eucalypthus, lemon juice, juniper berries and salt. The beer is still available at some bottleshops in Berlin and in Germany (and in Spain I’ve heard). Get it while it lasts. It’s a one time brew.

And don’t forget, always rock n roll!

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