Pirate Brew

Pirate Brew GmbH

Tyris & Go Wild Hot Unicorn #1

We've known Gonzalo and Dani ( founders of Tyris) since 2012 when we started to “seriously, but not serious” engage in the local craft beer scene in Spain. 


Cervezas Alegría & Juanito Polarez

We met Guillermo and Irene (the founders of Alegria) in 2014 through Carlos, back then the brewmaster of Tyris and catalyzer of the Pirate Brew Party Concept. 


Gamma Brewing Co. & Schwarzwald

We met, Coyand Anders, in Berlin the summer of 2015 at an event held by ToÖl. After a few beers and talking about our mutual love for craft & beer, we made a deal with Coy to go and visit Gamma Brewing Co. in Denmark (in the middle of nowhere) a few months later, and to brew another black collaboration beer with these guys. 

Vagabund, Beancurd Turtle & Captain Jack Turtle

We met the american brewer Daniel and his wife HsiHou a few years ago when we were enjoying our lives back in Valencia. He was there to do a few collaboration brews. 


Open Your Mind & Pervers

Open your mind was initiated by two brewing apprentices, Jose and Andy, outside Munich, wanting to brew other things than standard Bavarian beers. Last year they were both brewing at Stadlbräu, a brewery owned by a good friend of ours, Robert. 


Schoppe Bräu, Lenny & Dark Wheatness

After five collab brews outside Berlin it was time to get some fella brewers from the city together and brew a good Berlin collaboration beer. We first met Christian Lennartz, more known as Lenny.


Schneeeule & Black Bretty

Schneeeule is a bound by love just like Pirate Brew. We’ve met both Uli and Peter at various events in Berlin during the last year, always enjoying their bretty Berliner Weisse.


Freigeist, Yankee & KrAut & Room 101

 After various international collaborations and a bunch of Berlin ones, it was time to do a big german collaboration beer.


H2ÖL & Vänilla RyeS

In early 2016 at a brief visit to Valencia, Spain, we heard about a new craft beer bar that had opened in the city, Olhöps. 

Brewing it Black since 2015.