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Wild Hot Unicorn #1

We've known Gonzalo and Dani ( founders of Tyris) since 2012 when we started to “seriously, but not serious” engage in the local craft beer scene in Spain. When we started the Pirate Brew company in Berlin we wanted one of our first brews to be with our friends from Tyris. It had to be special beer, nothing Tyris had brewed before and we wanted it to be black. Based on our winning homebrewing recipe from the Stone event at BBW, we added some hot Habaneros and brewed our first Chili Porter. The first name suggestion from Gon was “Sangre de Unicornio”, however it already existed. Obviously for us was then to name it “Go Wild Hot Unicorn #1”. The success of the beer made us to continue to brew a Chili Porters and this beer is now one of our three permanent porters together with the Original Pirate Porter and Coffee Porter ..and always Rock n Roll.

Brewing it Black since 2015.