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Cervezas Alegría & Juanito Polarez

We met Guillermo and Irene (the founders of Alegria) in 2014 through Carlos, back then the brewmaster of Tyris and catalyzer of the Pirate Brew Party Concept. Guille and Irene struck us as open and welcoming people and we loved their attitude toward craft beer, making them a great fit for a Holistic Brewing Expedition. Well, it just had to happened. For the recipe, we thought of something black.. black and light and with the special german hop, Polaris. This is a very unique hop, which tends to give some kind a back mouth minty character to the beer. Due to the mixed flavours of coffee (from the roasted malts) and mint (from Polaris), the only name that was available at the time for this beer was: Juanito Polarez. The beer won the 3rd price in the European Black Lager Category at the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2016 and is now one the permanent beers of Cervezas Alegria.  ...and always Rock n Roll.


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